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PrimeTechlogix was established in 1998 to help simplify IT (Information Technology). We take pride and provide top notch experience to make IT better. Have an idea or know your requirements, come talk to us and we will make IT work.

Why choose us

PrimeTechlogix is up front and honest and will provide the best solutions, products, and designs to help your business requirements. Come talk to us, we will listen and prepare the right path for your information technolgoy needs. We work for you, and we aren't satisfied until you are!


We offer free consultation, why? Because we want your business and feel strongly in building trust.

Server Hosting

You choose the platform, we provide the server. Our experts have over 25 years of service in this area.


Look no further SharePoint handles your business needs! Collaboration to help improve your business.

Email Hosting

Email is still an important means of communication. Stay in touch with your employees and customers.

Web Hosting

Do you want your business to gain credibility? Leverage a website to showcase your work.


Count on us, we will support your Information Technology requirements.

About Us

PrimeTechlogix specializes in a well diverse range of information technology solutions, products, and designs. We have helped people and organizations in big cities as well as small cities to better thier IT experience and business. Here at PrimeTechlogix we have a strong pride in our relationships.